one following cnn for the past week will be dazzled to note the number of times they mentioned india.i think the total number of times india was said in the past week will be twice it was said in the last six months.  sadly it was not to mention the blooming indo us relationship or the joint resolutions on afghanistan but it was for the state dinner – the first one in obama tenure. lots was told about the food(curry,chutney …) ,about michelle obamas clothes and the indian designer.even the so called party crashers got more coverage than the bilateral relation ship.

we indians who gets excited with a mere mention of the word india in the world press started inferring things like ” india is asserting itself ”  and ” us gives a warm welcome to the budding super power”.no one cared whether the coverage was about mrs obama’s bangles or the bilateral relationship as long as india was mentioned.some commentators in india is comparing the visit of the primeminister to the us with the obamas visit to china(which is absurd).president’s visit to china was more about trade,the currency issue etc the coverage in the media was unmatched,each and every aspect of sino-us relationship was analysed.why can’t we indians stop bragging about out ‘will be super power’ status and work towards gaining it.

on a lighter note – i dont know whether u noticed or not during the world business today on cnn they where talking about the crisis in tea growing ares and the weather woman mary ramos? showed nilgiris in west bengal .


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