some hackers who hacked into the university of east Anglia have brought forth emails which shows that the theory  human made climate change is fake.the emails reveal that scientists tried to suppress data showing the reversal of trends in global climate pattern,and that earth was actually cooling.this new revelations have cast doubt on the legitimacy of the Copenhagen talks.

whatever the truth behind the emails may be ,we indians must go forward with the development of alternate fuel sources.this can make us less dependent on the volatile gulf sates and the us oil mafia. we must switch over to solar and wind power and rely less on diesel and coal, we must produce more of  hybrid and electric  cars .this way india can be a world power in the field of renewable energy. being a huge country with billion plus population the emphasis we give on public transport must remain in place so that the roads become less crowded, a clean and efficient public transport system can ensure the development of people of all strata.

so lets just don’t care about what happens in Copenhagen and move forward with our plans on self-reliance in energy.


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