cherpulassery could be the most common search directed to my blog. i was surprised to see the number of netizens interested  about my birth place , that too not about the cultural history or the heritage of the place but to know about the modern cherpulassery . so for them i would like to share the things I know about the ‘present day cherpulassery’

i pass through cherpulassery twice a day for six times a week, each time i pass the town would have grown by a metre vertically or horizontally.that is the pace with which the town grows . when i was a kid cherpulassery was what the “moonumkudiyodam” was , a junction where palakkad,pattambi and ottapalam roads met , with a few grocery shops, sleepy tea stalls , two movie theatres “anand ” and “devi”and of course sankar hospital where i was born. now cherpulasseri extends from ayyapankavu to puthanalkal nearly 2km in length, with extensions into ottapalam road, akg road,ems road and high school road. the centre of focus is now at the busstand .

there are regular bus services from this place to almost all towns in the neighbourhood. there are a handful of ksrtc services , but the main mode of transport is the private bus.once i had a search directed from the frequency of bus services from calicut to cherpulasssery and another time from ottapalam so for them the following information would be helpful. as i travel in the cherpulassery – perinthalmanna route i know about some 6 direct buses to calicut of which three are green mayilvahanams. the frequency of buses to perinthalmanna is the greatest with average of five to six minutes apart with the shortest being two minutes(that’s  when i return home, usually the bus employees end up in verbal abuse of each other, parents, private parts are all placed in front of the passengers), seven to 10 minute frequency to pattambi and ottapalam , 10 to 15 minute frequency to palakkad,mannarkkad and shornur.

the nearest railway station is shornur 17km through mundakkottukurusssi and 24 through chalavara or vaniamkulam . district headquarters is 39 km from here. calicut airport is the nearest though people prefer kochi.

cherpulassery police station is at kacherikunnu on perinthalmanna road , there is a govt higher secondary school (one of the oldest in the region where mahatma gandhi visited) ,three english medium cbse schools of which one have classes till the 12th . there is a govt hospital at the hospital junction , karunya hospital near bus stand( formerly sankar hospital) and a new cooperative hospital.

cherpulassery is a panchayat with population of 30,000 , but it caters to the needs of nearly 250,000 people of nearby places. it is a bustling commercial centre , though at present the commercial space available highly outstrips demand it was one of the places with highest rent rates till a few years back. there are no major supemarkets except a new govt one, the place have the greatest number of textiles per capita in palakkad but most of them are small one room shops with clothes catering to the local style sense. there are no big jewelleries or home appliance showrooms ( except next) , but have two car show rooms one maruti and the other tata motors. the eateries are limited with a nila bake house near karunya hospital and the famous bakery opposite that, there are no good restraunts or hotels. most shops here are either electronic shops or grocery shops it’s where most businesses takes place.

these are some raw facts about cherpulassery if you have any queries about any other places in valluvanad you can ask me.

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