railway budget is that part of the year when malayalam newspapers brings out long list of demands  – more trains , railway over bridges , new lines etc . with two railway ministers ( minister of state) we have achieved a lot especially new trains most of which passes through valluvanad . but with no adequate infrastructure ( railway over bridges) these new trains have become burden to the common man.


angadipuram railway crossing sits on NH213 between palakkad and kozhikode  just 2km from perinthalmanna , it is crossed by hundreds of vehicles including buses to calicut , manjeri , valanchery and kottakal . with the introduction of some new trains and the late running of the existing ones traffic jams extending for nearly a km is frequent here , it takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach perinthalmanna from angadipuram . this jam spills over to perinthalmanna especially the speeding buses regaining the lost time getting to a halt at the bottle neck in front of the town mosque and the old bus stand . the  buses which ply this route usually run at over speed either to ‘escape’ a KSRTC or to be on ‘TIME’ this in most cases leading to a nightmarish journey for the thousands who use this route . every time i get stuck there i think why a train which usually run empty have to create such a big menace to so many people , why the hell did manorama run long demand lists which include more trains to nilambur every year ? , does this person who compile the demand list ever seen the sufferings that the people in this region go through due to these new  trains which maximum carry a 200 people .

i myself am a victim of these nilambur road passengers . i am a daily traveler on the valanchery route which in  itself is a nightmare due to the KSRTC -private buses that race each other  , on top of that when the gate closes for the train to pass there will be a backlog of both these buses which competes through the  treacherous hairpin bends after puthanangadi .on my return it takes 40 minutes to reach perinthalmanna from MES ( which used to be a 20 min one) ,the bus to cherpulassery a long distance mayilvahanam from calicut which usually gets late due to the traffic skips cherpulassery stand , making me and my fellow co passengers walk .


the level cross at wadakkanchery is the busiest in kerala as far as the train traffic is concerned , it also lies on the main artey connecting thrissur with valluvanad . from my experience whether by car or bus you cannot cross it without being stuck there for one train or in cases two trains . this was such a burden for me and my fellow students who raced during the sunday coaching classes  , as the gate opens vehicles would pour out racing to get to thrissur . once i was stuck there for three trains to pass , when it opened we had 6 buses racing to shornur it was quiet a ‘thrilling’ ride , in another situation our car was almost hit by a bus which was competing with three others . the wadakkanchery overbridge is a work in progress for the last decade , still unfinished .

so the people who write these demand lists must atleast think of the thousands who suffer on a daily basis , and  must first consider the existing infrastructure .  I would also like to request  Mr E.Ahamed  who is hell bend on bringing new trains to please consider these facts  .


One thought on “RAILWAY JAM

  1. The best solution for this problem is to construct a parallel road which have been surveyed now (Bypass road). This will reduce the busy line of NH 213 and will increase the economical rate of lands near to Bypass.
    If anything wrong happens for this plan it will be a nightmare for new plan.

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