this is an open letter to the railway authorities who delay the construction of railway overbridge at wadakkanchery,thrissur.


last week i had to travel to angamaly ,for which i boarded a thrissur bus from shornur at 11 30 . the running time for private buses on this route is about an hour,so i was expected to reach thrissur by 12 30 . but in reality it took me half an hour extra thanks to the closed railway gate at wadakkanchery. the gate was closed for  two trains to pass in either direction and my bus was able to just whiz pass the gate before the next closure.the same happened on my return ,  it took nearly 2 hours with nearly an hour of block at the gate ,  this time i had to wait for 3 trains to pass  just missing the fourth.

as we all know the stretch of rail from shornur to eranakulam is the busiest in the state with over 70 passenger trains per day. it is also the busiest as far as freight transport is concerned .this makes nearly 100 trains passing through wadakkanchery on a single day. the main road from thrissur to shornur is one of the vital links that palakkad and  malappuram have with thrissur .the one kilometer long traffic snarl that follows every rail closure is the testimony to the immense  volume of traffic that utilizes the road. thrissur , the health care centre that it is , is often the referal centre for many emergency cases from this rural region. we could easily spot atleast one ambulance stuck at the gate every single time.the thrissur ottapalam bus route is one of the busiest routes in palakkad with buses running on tight schedule.every time there is a snarl 7 to 8 buses gets stuck and once the flood getes open they engage in a death  race to thrissur caring less about the two wheelers, pedestrians or other vehicles.

time is precious for both you and me , last Tuesday your official inaction took 1 hour out of my day.thousands of ordinary people have to face this delay every day in their life. its frustrating to be stuck at a place over and over again due to something that can be solved just by official action.the approach roads, the pillars are all ready , just the final completion works on the overbridge remains. its been in this state for nearly an year the number of trains in the route is about to increase we are bracing for one hour closures.sir please take adequate steps to fast track the project.your slumber have made our lives miserable , please heed to our requests and solve the problem with urgency.

valluvanad times


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