Its been five years and finally  i can call myself a “DENTIST” . First year was hectic , the second laborious , third a bit relaxing and the final year a virtual kurukshetra . there have been instances when i wanted to run away from all these especially in the final year when one of my professors called me arrogant and lunatic in the same breath , just for being frank. four hours of travel that too on  the world renowned Kerala roads , its been an eye opening experience. as i start my internship i am starting to find myself in front of a whole new world were money rules.

as i have come to realize , degree wise  there are two kinds of dentists – a) those who have MDS  and b) those who are “just ” BDS .

an M in your degree gives you ten times more salary than a B .  but a B  can earn ample amount of money if you clear the boards of a foreign country (read middle eastern). hence if you are an M or a B your monetary side is set for life . but is this profession all about money? , is the zeroes on your paycheck  more important than the gratitude in mr hamzas eyes when you deliver a complete denture? as i have understood zeroes weighs higher.

out of the class of 30 ,  men are just a handful including me . its really sad to hear them gloat about the money they made by all the means possible (which by the way are few) . you cant blame them for that , most of out teachers flaunt the costliest of gadgets and cars with ease as if being a dentist is all about being “cool” . its inculcated in us that going abroad is the ticket out of the misery of having to get just a six figure for most of us had been subsidized by the government of Kerala from its exchequer and what we want is to escape from this godforsaken place where apple phones rarely come by or BMWs run into potholes. instead of being a helping hand in national upheavel all we are taught are the ways  to multiply our fortunes.

its indeed sad that such a noble profession getting degraded into a degree in dacoity and shrewdness. i would like to urge any of the budding dentist who chance up on this article to just think about the use of your service to millions who cant afford a dental treatment .that will be the real service to the society.


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