the responses to valluvanadan posts on this blog have been amazing , hence i was pondering on various valluvanadan topics and when i saw those  majestic mayilvahanam buses in their repair yard at shornur ,i got my inspiration. our region has always been the bastion of private buses , though many of the iconic bus companies else where went extinct we have those old names still on roads – mayilvahanams , karippals and maya  .

history of valluvanad transport must start with the pioneers , the chemarikkat family of shornur and their cts and mayilvahanam buses . they have long distance buses to local buses all under the same brand , my childhood memories are vibrant with the bus i took from cherpulassery to pattambi , where i did my kindergarden – the green mayilvahanam from ottapalam to valancheri . almost all buses on every other route were mayilvahanams  – green , red , the prakash travels , circular buses that circled cherpulassery, pattambi,shornur and ottapalam. pattambi- valancheri route and perinthalmanna- ottapalam route were the home turf of the green buses ; praksash travels owned the mannarkad – shornur route ; on the palakkad guruvayoor and the palakkad kozhikode routes ran the limited stops  and fast passengers.   though largely reduced in number mayilvahanams still run on many routes , palakkad guruvayoor route  have over 20 buses , palakkad kozhikode 8  and a few buses on pattambi – cherpulassery ,perinthalmanna – ottapalam , shornur – mannarkad – anakkati and pattambi -valancheri routes. the new karur bodied mayilvahanams have come a long way from those draby buses of my childhood ; three generations of our region have taken their life changing journeys on  those buses and lets hope they remain for the generations to come.

a trip down south  to thrissur was about maya and karippal. the ottapalam- thrissur route had many mayas and karippals , what remains of them is the palakkad maya and 5 karippals. the route also saw the rise and an early demise of rajeev travels which ran kodungallur-mannarkad buses and the rise of chirayath from its ashes. currently chirayath runs over 10 buses in the route with  cherpulassery , mannarkad and kodungallur extensions.

the palakkad kozhikode route is all about speed and flashiness , hence we have the air conditioned fathima and the threestar group ruling the roust there . it was all KTC once but now we have thavakkal and bhai taking us to calicut , competing with the town to towns that run would be inappropriate if we missed out the guruvayur balakrishnas and thrissur dhanalaksmis . these are just the ones i remember , you are free to make your own additions.




    • while going to work i usually see three of their buses around 9 at kulapully to guruvayur , and two of them by 1 in the afternoon when i return from ottapalam all of them to palakkad.

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