perinthalmanna is in a league of its own . the break neck pace at which the town is transforming itself is astonishing. the money getting poured into the town could be expressed only in superlatives , this is evident these days at the byepass road which is abuzz with construction work. the illicit money or the hawala that is fueling this spurt is not questioned or resisted. the cpm which is at power in the muncipality seems to be a part of this nexus as does muslim leaugue and congress. the people behind the scene prefer themselves there so are their beneficiaries , hence for a layman like me the money comes out of nowhere and disappears into these huge shopping malls. this is the case with all the main towns of the region whether it be ottapalam, pattambi or cherpulassery . the two shopping complexes at ottapalam opulent as they are , is still on mysterious funding , pattambi is the capital of hawala racket in the palakkad region of valluvanad.Ā  cherpulassery or mannarkad are no exceptions. it seems like there is no real authority to question the flow of this money or to prevent it as every one including politicians enjoy perks of being a party. lets hope our valluvanad doesnt turn into a hawalanad like eranad.


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