this year would be marked in history as the one where social media started rewriting our destiny . from delhi to tahrir square and istanbul to rio , people with no clear aims have taken to the streets to protest against what they call systemic injustice . for them it doesn’t matter whether the governments they oppose were democratically elected or are dictatorships , all they call for is ” change” . most of these  protesters are youth in their mid twenties  , who  basically have no knowledge about the many fault lines that make up a complex entity that we call nation states and  the fact that such an abrupt “change” that they demand and the ensuing anarchy in such an environment would only lead to more anarchy.

this week a democratically elected government was toppled by these protests in Egypt , though the country was in flux for the past few years , what was ironic was that the extremists and moderates who joined hands last year at tahrir square were at logger heads this time . the reports from Cairo are not that encouraging,  the twitterrati and facebook revolutionaries who organized these unrelenting protests are slowly pushing Egypt into a Syria like civil war , which could last years. turkey and Brazil are also facing  similar situations of social media high handedness over trivial issues .we Indians had our tahrir square movement with aam admi party which turned out to be nothing but a few retired civil servants taking out their grudge against the government.

its true that the social media have empowered us in many ways , freedom of expression being one of them. but taking it to hideous levels to incite anarchy is foolishness. a country like ours can never be taken up as a single entity as these twitterati believe it to be.the urban youth who know nothing but times now , believe India as what is told to them by arnab goswami and sees injustice and corruption everywhere .this ignorance could only accentuate the divisions beneath the superficial calmness .

so dear reader , if you are a social network enthusiast , try to think through before taking up causes .



  1. To a large extent i agree with this. But to underplay the corruption is foolhardy. An unbiosed analysis would reveal that corruption has reached unimaginable levels. It has started affecting the common man very badly. Sadly people have started to live with this. Social media and visual helped people understand the extent and inside information of some of the corrupt deals. I hold no flag for Arnab or Barkha or Rajdeep or the like but 25% of what they say in fact make sense. Of course they are dramatising with relentless telecast 24/7 for their own rating and commercial advantage belittling the very ethos of journalism. The fact that some of the channles have been very well managed by the political parites is also very clear. The journalists are looking for routes that would take them as well as their channels to greater heights. Thus stooping to be puppets propagating commercial andor profit motive journalism! Current topics of encounter killing and railway gate have reached laughable levels. however it is only because channels are airing the transcripts and details of conversation and findings that helped viewers realise how the encounter was managed in Gujrat, how Bansal became a witness from an accused, how a tragedy is being used by parties to their advantages etc. WE have to realise that we are new to social media blitz and visual media and it will take some time to both the viewers and the media to mature.

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