ni am a huge deepika padukone fan , so its natural for me to be excited about the SRK starrer . though its trailer was well received elsewhere , in tamil nadu it was overwhelmingly criticized for being “anti tamil” . i agree that her accent was  “lola kutty”ish   and overdone at places , but she must appreciated  for being funny , which is the prime requisite of a rohit shetty heroine . unfortunately , the whole trailer controversy have again brought into forefront the issue of regional megalomania.

all of our linguistic states take too much pride in their languages and culture , that many at times they go to idiotic lengths to reinforce them . it is deemed normal to make fun of the “others” but if the “others” make fun of us its a different thing altogether .hence a malayali could be mocked at in a “kumaran son of mahalakshmi’ but tamil could not be in a “chennai express” , or north indians must always be terrorists in malayalam movies  but  lolakutty could never be laughed at. this chauvinism is not exclusively a south indian phenomenon or one that is confined to the movies , just google narendra modi to understand his gujrati fan base or sachin tendulkar for his marathiness.

india as a union of multiple linguistic and cultural entities is a rarity in the modern world . over the past 65 years we have shed many of those differences , and become more homogenous , but the major stumbling block to greater integration – the mother tongues , still remains, as is evident from the furor over chennai express  . the way forward is to be more open and accomodative and lets hope that this last of the barrier walls amongst us also fall with time.


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