much of the search terms directed at my site are often related to various modes of transport available to get around valluvanad. this article tries to answer some of those…

the largest town by size in the region is perinthalmanna ; which lies on the palakkad – kozhikode national highway . you can  get there by train via the nilambur line from shornur and the railway station is at angadipuram. it is well connected to rear by towns by bus. there are limited stop and town to town buses to palakkad( via mannarkad) and kozhikode (via malappuram) every few minutes ; KSRTC buses to thrissur run at an interval of 20 to 30 minutes ; though there are a few limited stop private buses to thrissur in the morning . private buses also ply at frequent intervals to manjeri, malappuram( though calicut buses would take lesser time) , nilambur, melattur – karuvarakundu, alanallur, mannarkad( i would prefer palakkad buses) , cherpulassery and pattambi.there are 2 private stands at perinthalmanna and a ksrtc stand ; though private buses never enter these stands . you can get palakkad buses from near the police station ; calicut , nilambur,melatur,manjeri buses from the stop near kmt silks ; pattambi and cherpulassery buses from the bus stop near moulana hospital. shornur could be reached either by taking a pattambi or cherpulassery bus and then a shornur bus from there.

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ottapalam lies on the kulapully – palakkad highway. there is a private stand from where you could get both private and ksrtc buses. ksrtc buses are few and are mostly the ones on palakkad guruvayur route. private buses ply at frequent intervals to thrissur via shornur; palakkad; guruvayur via pattambi; thiruvillwamala; mayannur;mannarkad and to perinthalmanna via cherpulassery . there are 3 mayilvahanam fast passengers in the morning to calicut. ottapalam railway station falls on the shornur – palakkad line and a few trains halt here ; but i would prefer shornur to get here.

pattambi lies on the perinthalmanna – thrissur route. there is a private stand and a ksrtc stand . like ottapalam ksrtc buses are few and most of them ply on the palakkad – guruvayur or perinthalmanna – thrissur route. there are private buses to shornur, palakkad via ottapalam,guruvayur via kunnamkulam, cherpulassery, perinthalmanna,  valanchery, ponnani via edappal and pallipuram. there is a railway station at pattambi with a few halts lying on the shornur calicut line.

shornur is the railway gateway to valluvand. there are regular trains to anywhere in india from here. sadly shornur is poorly connected by bus to rest of the region. you could get buses to thrissur and ottapalam from the railway station. from shornur bus stand there are buses to cherpulassery , pattambi and chelakkara. for buses to palakkad you would have to take the ottapalam bus from the railway station and get down at kulapully which falls on the palakkad guruvayur route. buses to perinthalmanna are rare and the best option is to take the pattambi bus and board perinthalmanna bus from there.

cherpulassery have no railway station or ksrtc buses plying through it. there is a private bus stand from where you could get buses to palakkad,perinthalmanna,ottapalam,mannarkad, pattambi and shornur. there are a few private buses to calicut. the nearest railway station is shornur.

mannarkad is the farthest away from shornur. to get here you have to first reach cherpulassery and then board a mannarkad bus. it falls on the palakkad – kozhikode highway. there is a ksrtc stand here with regular town to town buses to calicut and palakkad. private buses connect it to agali(anakatty), melattur,perinthalmanna,cherpulassery,palakkad, calicut (via perinthalmanna) and ottapalam.


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