telangana shares the same language and culture with coastal andhra ; but after 50 years of an unhappy companionship the marriage was annulled due  to  irreconcilable differences. this whole saga proves how hollow and futile the identities that we encompass are . take us malayalis for instance ; we see ourselves first and foremost as malayalis and are quiet proud of that india-telangana1 ; but if we look deep beyond the outer veneer there is the old malabar – travancore divide in every thing . people of travancore take too much pride in  belittling malabar that they find us lazy and backward. we on the other hand call them crooked land grabbers.  going a step deeper malabar in itself is not at all homogenous ; the wounds of mapillah revolt is still raw in many areas as is tippu’s invasion. the fact is that the narrower we place our identities more number of differences pop up , this would obviously result in fissures and ultimately the balkanisation of our society.

we indians have it in us from the time we are born the ability to classify people . it may be cast , religion , region or what ever and interestingly we stick to it till the end. it was the grand vision of our founding fathers that such a diverse society got unified and it is their farsightedness that held us till now.  they thought that with time the feeling of oneness would take root and the divide crumble , though it has happened in many fields the majority still stands. the problem i think is with the westminster style multi party democracy we have. instead of raising the barriers it have created many more of them. a perfect example for the failure of the system is the existence of affirmative action even 70 years after independence. any action taken in the direction of its withdrawal would hurt the cast sentiments and ultimately your vote bank. this fear of the wrath of vested interests have made us into the least ingenious generation of the post independence era. it brackets us and the brackets affirm themselves , resulting in the turmoil that is andhra today.  administrative and constitutional reforms are the need of the day or else we could see more telenganas and cast reservations in the future.


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