The controversial remarks of mr. modi on toilets and temples may have an election tone to it but its relevance cannot be washed aside. post liberalisation , the middle classes started to confine themselves into cocoons of different hues be it religion . class or language  , the 400 million fragmented into a million sub units with each one of them pitted agimagesainst each other. this phenomenon made us blind about the other 800 million who live amongst us  and over time , they were added up with the huge cattle population . we the 40 crore fight for our rights ,  call ourselves “aam admi” and cry our throat out against corruption , all at the cost of ones with no toilets.

they  may be the temples of gold that we live in , temples of cast we pray at ,temples of class we never cross or the temples of patriarchy we defend  . the emphasis given to “success” in life from the day we are born have slowly sucked out the humanity in us to such an extend that we admire the ambanis for their mansion never noticing the slums beneath. this is what must change. its about sharing our fortunes with others who for whatever reason were not able to make it to were we are . helping them to uplift india as a whole , otherwise over time the democratic system we so cherish will fall apart . the casteism which must have died out a century ago still lives , making the khap panchayats ever more powerful . we never talk about the burning of dalit villages in haryana or tamilnadu on news hour as they are considered news items from another world. we watch “balika vadhu” with tears in our eyes but will never try to stop a child marriage . we hire bengalis and biharis for work without  once asking about where they lived or how they reached here . we are happy for the “vrindavan widows” as they could be with maa durga for the pooja , without contemplating for a while how they ended up in uttar pradesh.

these temples or coccoons we live in is what must be demolished , Mr modi may be criticized for his intention but what he brought into fore is  more than relevant.


One thought on “TOILETS OR TEMPLES

  1. Over the last few decades believers across religions have been voicing in fundamentalistic tones. Across religions new places of workships are being built! And across religions these are with an ulterimor motive by politickers to gain control. Those who agitate in the name of religiion forget the fact that they are fighting to protect their GOD. Without their knowledge they are proclaiming that their god needs support, that HE is not able to defend himself! Alas these fundamentalists do not realise that GOD is more powerful and HE needs no support from us. HE can take care of himself and it is we who seek blessings from him – whether it is to for the universal peace harmoney and progress or for our pocket money – read individual prosperity.

    And after seeking his blessings people go out and defend their GOD in public! What an irony!

    It is high time people realise who is GOD and HIS all conquering strength and submit themselves, we shall never understand peace and godliness in others.

    And for toilets i have always wonders how we lack civic sense at all. it is not just poverty alone that is a cause, it is because we dont care!

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