Its still a mystery why all the national and international media projected the Indian Genral Elections as a three way fight . It reached obnoxiously high levels on English news channel debates where anchors were sure about the emergence of an “AAP front” . But the results proved the fact that it has not . This elections were a two way fight right from the beginning one fought between the NDA and the UPA  , The  AAP was no where in the picture ,what was there was a scattered front that could be called a “third front” (which never materialized) , but news agencies never bothered to give them enough coverage . From CNN to TIMES NOW it was a close contest between Narendra Modi , Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal . AAP was and still   a TV phenomenon , confined to TV studious , a party of individuals with no ideology(even divergent ones) , whose rise to fame was an accidental victory in Delhi. The party thrived on anti establishment sentiment of the upper classes and a segment of upper middle class who were far away from the realities of real India. The uneven importance given to the party and especially its leader made us cringe at times. He was often equated with Mahatma Gandhi and his so called movement compared to the “Quit India Movement”. Many a times mass leaders like Narendra Modi , Rahul Gandhi ,Mamta Banerjee were pushed aside for the daily dose of this drama.

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i would only blame the media for this euphoric balloon that  burst on the 16th of may. They were the prime partners in the AAPrising as was clear with Arvind Kejriwal’s  interview with the “krantikari bajpayee”. The months of shouting by people on panels meant nothing to the general public , For them , Kumar Vishwas never needed more than 50,000 votes at amethi  and  Arvind kejriwal varanasi was to the people of varanasi , another  “babu” from Dilli  My advice to the media will be to get out of the studios and understand what people’s aspirations are . Intellectual panel discussions by the top .0001% of Indians who care nothing more than their well being cannot be labelled as  the ” voice of the people” , twitter is not known to  99% of Indians and anchors like Sagarika Ghosh who fear a “internet  Hindu” attack must not even be given prime time space.  Media must report from the ground not making hoopla of each and every issue , Their credentials are the ones at stake ,and hence act accordingly.


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