The search terms directed to my site are usually not related to any of my posts , but related to valluvanad especially getting around here… are some of the answers:

1. ottapalam to mannarkad buses – there are regular private buses in this route through ambalapara -thiruvazhiyode- sreekrishnapuram and a few ones through ottapalam-cherpulassery-sreekrishnapuram-mannakad route.

2.perinthalmanna – palakkad early morning buses – there are round the clock KSRTC buses in this route , while private buses to my knowledge start running by 5 am

3.home appliances shops at ottapalam – there are quiet of few of them including nandilath.

4.reasons for backwardness of palakkad – its huge size , tribal population and lesser political representation (CPM stronghold)

5. cherpulassery airport – nearest is calicut international airport app…50 km to north west.

6. train timings from angadipuram to pattambi – none , but you can get down at vadanamkurussi (enroute shornur ) and board a pattambi or guruvayur bus.

7. chelakkara – though culturally similar to valluvanad it was a part of kingdom of cochin and now falls under thalappily taluk of thrissur district , there are no direct buses to calicut from here . you have to first get to ottapalam then to perinthalmanna from where there are regular buses to calicut.

8.shornur to palakkad bus – there are only a few direct buses , you have to first get to kulapully , then get a palakkad bus , which are quiet frequent. at cherpulassery – there are quiet a few , the only star hotel being mithilla regency.

10. cherpulassey – palakkad route buses – this is route with private buses at regular intervals and a few KSRTC buses too . via kongad.

11. distance between cherpulassery and calicut – 85 km .there are a few private buses (3 mayilvahanams) and a few Ksrtc buses.

12.Bakeries at shornur – shornur actually is a small town , there is nila bake house at kulapully.

13. valluvanad and tippu – the relation is a bit complicated.

14.angadipuram to palakkad train – why ?? there are buses both Ksrtc and private every 5 minutes.

15.shornur to ooty – first get to pattambi/cherpulassery , then to perinthalmanna – nilambur – gudallur – ooty.

16. cherpulassey to  mannarkkad – distance is about 25 km. there are regular buses.

17. jewellers at shornur – none , thrissur is just 45 minutes away.

18. why is shornur junction so congested with trains ? – it is here that the railway in kerala split into four directions … calicut , thrissur,palakkad and nilambur.

19.cherpulassery CBSE school – the major one is the Sabari central school.

20. Angadipuram to kadambuzha – there are both private and ksrtc buses to valanchery from here , then proceed to kadambuzha,

21. hospitals at cherpulassery – kerala medical college . cooperative hospital,shankar hospital.

22. cherpulassey nearest railway station – vallapuzha , the major one is shornur 17 km to south.

23. buses from shornur to calicut – none – train is better – else get to pattambi then valancher from here there are direct buses to  calicut.

24. perinthalmanna old bus stand – it is a shopping complex now….sorry.

25.pambin kavu – its a sacred groove commonly found in this region , which is thick with foliage and is considered to house serpent gods.

26. chirayath bus – they have nearly 15 buses in the thrissur ottapalam route , with a few running longer trips to cherpulassery , mannarkad and palakkad.

27. cherpulassery – ottapalam – 17 km , regular private buses ply on this route.

28. shornur to attapadi – nearly 80 km – there is one bus early in the morning formerly a  mayilvahanam now kavitha. otherwise get to cherpulassry from here there are regular buses to mannarkad and then move on to anakkaty. there are a few shornur – mannarkad direct buses too.

29.ottapalam to edappal – take a bus to pattambi(guruvayur limited stop) , then change over to an edappal bus , which are frequent through kootanad or thrithala.

30.perintalmanna – cherpulassery – 17km , buses every 5 minute from the pattambi road junction or moulana hospital junction.

31. calicut to ottapalam bus timings – there are 3 mayilvahanams between 1 and 2 : 30 pm from calicut.

33.angadipuram over bridge – its a work in progress.

34 . wadakkanchery over bridge – yp , finally.

35 . shankar hospital , cherpulassery – it is right near the bus stand on the pattambi road.


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