mam ,

the infrastructure in your constituency is grossly in adequate and what it does have is crumbling….

1. we need a new signalling system at kulappuly where it is quiet dangerous to take a turn to or from the shornur – thrissur road to palakkad ponnani road.

2. the shornur railway station as you know is in shambles . there is no adequate parking facility and most platforms don’t have roof over them.

3. there are no direct buses from the railway station except to ottapalam and thrissur  , for that one has to walk to the bus stand.

4. please turn the kulappuly bus stand into  a shopping complex like they did at perinthalmanna as no palakkad Рguruvayur buses enter the stand.

5. cherpulassery town is a mess , there are no parking areas and it seems like any one can park anywhere.

6 two traffic signals at cherpulassery if possible , one at the ottapalam road junction and other at the high school junction.

7. “no parking” areas to be extended at both cherpulassery and shornur.

8. widening of pattambi – cherpulassery road from pengattiri as the road is too congested , so is the case with kulapully shornur road .

9 . all the village roads are too worn off that it would be a sin on them to have high speed buses plying on them.

though it may be political of me , but mam try to emulate the pattambi MLA , who changed the face of the town.

these are some of my suggestion , readers from the region can help me expand the space.


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