Many outside the country including me , were taken aback by the Sri lankan General election results yesterday . Looking down south Rajapaksa was the clear winner from day one , I had even wondered why Srilankans were conducting the election ritual in the first place . yes , the resentment was there but  Mr Rajapaksa was supposed to be the strong man who could “make” the opinion swing in favor of him  . But the superman man conceding defeat was an anti climax to the whole build up . i was expecting Sri Lanka to go the Pakistan way with Imran Khan like protests in Colombo demanding recount . Though Mr Rajapaksa wanted a military coup as the results sunk in , nothing happened . The all powerful army bowed down in front of the verdict for change .The peaceful transition of power  is nothing short of a revolution in our neighborhood , where street protests and army boots usually follow the elections. The credit goes to the Lankan people who took earnest effort not only to move on after the civil war but also to evolve as an electorate . Maithripala sirisena needs all the applause for toppling a democratically elected regime which was turning autocratic by the day .

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The Lankan people who fought as the rainbow coalition against the dynasty could take a few lessons from Indian history. We too had an autocrat back in 70s , who was thrown out for her misdeeds . Sadly the opposition fell off like a house of cards fighting amongst themselves so that the same people who showed Indira Gandhi the way out , understanding their put her back on the throne just in three years time . Rajapaksa could return as the urban sinhalese votes which left him this time could in no time return , Ranil wickramasinghe and chandrika kumaratunga holds the key so are the far right elements , if they could work as a united entity the elections could be seen as a success  , or else it would be  janatha experiment –  Srilankan version.


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