Today Indonesia executed two Australian citizens who were accused of trafficking drugs into the country . This case certainly has no makings of a global headline , as Indonesia , like many of its south east Asian neighbors prescribe death penalty for drug related offenses , What catapulted it into the global stage is the defiance showed by the Indonesian president Joko Widodo in standing against the western powers from poking their nose into his country’s domestic policies. Apparently Australia is miffed with the Indonesia and has recalled its ambassador from Jakarta , simultaneously  their Anglo Saxon brothers have started the propaganda war against Indonesia over their mouthpieces –  The BBC and CNN . Taking on the western world is something the leaders of the global south usually shy away from , Take our Prime Ministers ( Mr Modi and Mr Singh) for example , The case of Italian Marines shooting Indian Fishermen in Indian waters , did make headlines , but at present the case  is  languishing in our justice system while the culprits get their furlong extended so that they could enjoy their privileged lives  . Mr Narendra Modi , who came to power on a nationalistic plank similar to Mr Widodo , has done nothing to fastrack the case or provide justice to the victims . The same is the case with the Bhopal Gas Tragedy or the Purulia Arms Drop case . Indonesia is a smaller regional power compared to India , but its decision regarding the Bali 9 drug smugglers is getting appreciated around the world for the shear determination its leader showed in the face of stiff opposition he faced .I agree with the western opposition to the use of death penalty , but the west has no moral authority to question other countries over their decision to carry on with its domestic laws . More over we never see such a hue and cry when the United states executes hundreds of its people , many often turning out to be innocent on further investigation . President Joko Widodo must be appreciated for his decision and let us hope our prime minister take out a leaf or two from his book in dealing with western bullies.


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