All over the world political establishments are seen as the prime perpetrators of injustice . In democracies like ours we change the governments for their misdeeds like the 2G scam, In autocracies like Egypt people take to the streets to overthrow leaders like Hosni Mubarak and in regions like Kurdistan people take to violence to vent their anger . But , have all these movements succeeded in bringing any change to the people who were their torch bearers? the answer will be “NO” . In reality It is not the politicians who are to be blamed in most situations , the real sinners are the invisible elite who mold the political class into shapes that they desire through their phantom limbs and then abandon them when catastrophes strikes  . In India this elite comprises of the English speaking class of civil servants who wants the status quo to prevail and tries hard to thwart any changes to it . In their effort they are backed by the English language media which exists primarily on the patronage given by this class and a section of the old industrial elite who had lost their prominence since India got rid of the license raj . This is the battle between Bharat which wants to assert itself and India that wants Bharat to remain its slave forever.


If we were to believe the English language media the main arena of conflict under the current BJP government is at the secular front . It is true that some elements in the present government are hell bent on removing secularism from our national psyche , But in actuality they are confined to the fringes and have minimal influence on those in power . So what is the real issue that is hidden beneath all the “save the secularism ” chants?. It is the defensive being mounted by the elite , who find themselves threatened by the current regime , Which is made up of members representing the real India. We have a prime minister who rarely speaks in English , a Home minister who asks civil servants to sign in Hindi and a foreign minister who addresses the parliament in Sanskrit .  Will the five years of BJP government break the knee of the clique ? – the answer is still uncertain . They are known to camouflage  themselves when the situation becomes completely hostile like during the Indira Gandhi era , when they became madam’s loyal servants only to betray her after the emergency . Whatever may be the verdict on the Modi government ,  it has succeeded in making the elite jittery and that is a good sign . We as a nation  cannot move forward till Bharat replaces India in our discourse and this is possible only when the power of the elite is broken.


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