A few months back the English speaking Indians had a realization – that their country is becoming “intolerant”  . Though it took our upper class(caste) elite 70 years to realize this basic feature of Indian society,  It was a great step forward for a class that cared for nothing but self preservation .  But as it turned out this too was one of their gimmicks to stay relevant and keep the power concentrated in their hands. They were actually the ones showing intolerance towards a resurgent middle India that is trying to assert itself.

India was never a secular country , it was born a Hindu state in 1947 and remains so till this day .Muslims were always the punching bags and right from Nehru era they were put to maximum use . It was only through this fear psychosis that the upper caste urban elite could retain their power over  the middle and lower castes who were numerically far superior . On the one hand they were the guardian angels of the minorities and the oppressed castes , but on the other they never allowed an alliance to be formed between the two using the communal card . This changed with the Mandal commission report being implemented in 1990s and the middle castes started asserting themselves. Initially these resurgent castes were happy  being regional players and alliance partners. But urge to have their fair share of power at the center made a large chunk move to the BJP in the late 1990s .Congress was never an option as almost all of them were from rural background and the westernization it preached repulsed them. These leaders rose to relevance in the party by the late 2000s and became the chief proponents of Kamandal politics , which is the name given to the process of recruiting more OBCs into the party.

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BJP as we all know is the bastion of another type of upper caste Hindu chauvinism . The variety which dreams of going back to the vedic era and the establishment of a Brahmanic Caliphate. The party went into an existential crisis when these leaders started occupying high posts .These differences were out in the open with a major faction in the party opposing the nomination of Narendra Modi as the prime ministerial candidate . BJP unlike its westernized elder brother – congress is more democratic in its internal affairs and as a result the Kamandal group succeeded in overcoming all the opposition. 2014 became a historic year in the caste dynamics of our country when an OBC leader became the Prime Minister with a parliamentary majority.

With new groups usurping power the English speaking elite started feeling the heat and by mid 2015 it was Do or Die for them. The “intolerance” debate is the struggle between this class which had been at the helm ever since independence and the new rulers from the hinterland. They are using the age old weapon of secularism , trying to divide the backward castes and minorities like the pre – Mandal days to be in power . Its too early to even guess  the winners or losers but one thing is clear that the results will have epic repercussions.


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